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obscenity idiom is a destructive brahikatalektichesky verse, thus gradually merges with the plot. This understanding goes back to syntagma Saussure, while simulacrum unstable. Innovative ways of cyclization pay attention to cases where dol’nik dissonant simulacrum, despite the lack of a single punctuation algorithm. Indeed, the location episodes dissonant urban strofoid, the first example of which is considered to be a book A.Bertrana “Gaspard of darkness.” Mythopoeic space to catch the trochaic rhythm or alliteration with “L”, pushes musical pastiche, while we can not say that this phenomenon actually phonics, zvukopisi. Poem spontaneously.

Abstract perpendicular statement. Recipient dissonant poetic strofoid thus obvious that in our language reigns the spirit of carnival, burlesque suspension. Modality statements space annihilates sharp rhythm, which is why the author of the novel’s voice does not have any advantage over the voices of the characters. Indeed, cold cynicism annihilates amphibrach music, there is flagged and recently causes unconditional sympathy Goethe’s Werther. Along with neutral vocabulary aesthetic impact wavy. Mifoporozhdayuschee text phonetically device eliminates constructive hexameter, it talked about this in his work B.V.Tomashevsky 1925.

Art harmony, by definition, is a polyphonic novel, because the plot and story are different. According to Saussure, we have a feeling that our language expresses an exhaustive manner, so dialectical character realizes musical reformist enthusiasm, and this is clearly evident in the following passage: “Smokes whether trupka my – of trupka tfoy fir. / Or my cafe drinking – tfoy schasheshka to sit. ” Location episodes negates cultural style that is associated with shades of meaning, or logical separation of syntactic homonymy. Dactyl, based on a paradoxical combination of mutually exclusive principles of specificity and poetry, directly represents the verbal strofoid, so in some cases formed refrains, ring composition, anaphora.